About Us

A few years ago, I decided to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating. My grandmother was a medicine woman in Mali, West Africa, and she influenced my interest to learn more about how food, herbs, and spices positively affect our health. I discovered that while sugar can be harmful, herbs and spices can be helpful.
I didn’t like the taste of flavoured teas, so I developed my own line. My goal was to create a smooth, healthy, flavourful tea that didn’t taste fake or artificial. Mixing various herbs and sharing my blends with family and friends became an ongoing hobby.
Then I discovered chai latte. I loved the spicy taste, but the drink was too sweet and difficult to digest. And I was not alone. There was already demand for naturally spiced chai without unnecessary sugar, oils, and flavourings. Using my knowledge of spices and herbs, I decided to create my own recipe using whole real spices and no sugar to provide more health benefits.
I create every Vitaliteas blend myself through extensive testing (and tasting!). When it reaches the point where I enjoy and feel good after drinking it, I know the product is ready for others to enjoy, too. Try a cup yourself; I think you will like it as much as I do.

Fanta Camara, Founder

Our Philosophy

We care about our health.

Modern research is proving that many of the claims made over the centuries are, in fact, true: herbs are good for your body. Different kinds of tea have different effects: reducing fatigue, promoting digestive health, providing essential vitamins, improving the skin, and possibly even reducing the risk of cancer. That’s good news for anyone who enjoys Vitaliteas products, because we will always hand-pick our ingredients with those benefits in mind.

We care about our community.

We support Canadian farmers who grow organic and wild-crafted herbs. By working with local and national farmers, we can support independent growers and do our part to help the economy.

We care about our planet.

We only buy ingredients that are grown and harvested in an environmentally friendly way. Our herbs come from Chickadee Farm Organic Herbs, a family farm that uses ethical and sustainable growing practices. We also support suppliers who belong to the Ethical Tea Partnership, Fair Trade, and Well Earth Sourcing programs.